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UFOFLEET launches: Transition from ICE to e-fleet management

DUBLIN, October 9, 2023 ( – UFODRIVE announced commercialisation of their EV fleet management platform – UFOFLEET. Built for electric vehicles and in use for over 5 years across Europe and United States, UFOFLEET allows fleets to manage EV drivers, vehicles, energy, and operations in one easy to use solution.

“Breaking 100 years of ICE technology and infrastructure with complex new vehicles and non-liquid fuel is hard,” said Edmund Read, Chief Commercial Officer. “Like traditional vehicle manufacturers, most of the companies that support fleets have been caught napping and are not prepared. To make it harder, EVs and EV infrastructure are in their infancy with standards and regulations still evolving.”

“We beat traditional ICE car rental with 2x the margins and the highest driver ratings in the world,” said Aidan McClean, co-founder and CEO. “We’re seeing the same results in rideshare, last mile and commercial fleets. Moving to an electric fleet is like moving from a feature phone to an iPhone. It’s not just easier, it’s a huge leap forward. Most of our customers migrate their ICE vehicles to our platform during transition. That ICEs when you can really see the difference in performance.”

UFOFLEET customers are leading the charge to electrification. Hertz has ordered more than 300,000 electric vehicles, Uber aims for zero-emissions fleet in the US, Canada, & Europe by 2030, and Amazon plans to have 100,000 electric delivery vans in their fleet by 2030.  

One modern platform can now handle what once required multiple tools for fleet management. With UFOFLEET, a fleet can manage driver profiles, vehicle access, energy distribution and monitoring, maintenance and cleaning, safety, contracts, insurance, reporting and more in one solution.  

“Better software means a more efficient and effective electric fleet. Cost savings, higher utilization, a better experience for drivers, and, of course, a massive shift towards zero emissions constitute the net result,”  McClean added. “We have the pleasure of working with some of the real innovators, like Hertz. We’re now helping the more cautious fleets. Whether they go fully electric in 2023 or in five years’ time, everyone is moving in the right direction.”

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