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Volkswagen: Pilot phase for innovative DC wallbox has started

Volkswagen presents its newest product: the innovative DC wallbox, which charges up to 22 kW. Currently, the real operations will be starting at five sites as part of a pilot phase. The aim is to colllect practical experience in order to develop the DC wallbox quickly in the direction of series production.

With the new wallbox, electric vehicles can be charged with direct current (DC) up to 22 kW – which is about double the speed of a typical wallbox working with alternating current (AC). In charging technology based on direct current, the electricity flows directly into the lead traction battery, provided that the electric vehicle features a combined charging system (CCS) charging port. Unlike systems based on AC, electric vehicles are charged independently of their integrated on-board chargers that limit charging capacity. Charging the lead traction battery with a DC, on the other hand, increases the potential charging capacity in comparison with AC. The charging process can therefore be significantly shortened.

Volkswagen Group Components has started the pilot phase at its own factory sites in Wolfsburg, Braunschweig, Hannover, Salzgitter and Kassel with 20 DC wallboxes. This also means that the existing charging infrastructure will be expanded at the factory grounds.

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