Connected Vehicle

ACCESS and DW partner to deliver news to connected vehicles using ACCESS Twine™ for Car

Partnership sees DW as one of the first digital news providers to begin exploring streaming content for connected cars

ACCESS CO., LTD and DW announced a partnership that sees international and regional news delivered in multiple formats to connected cars. The collaboration enables car users to instantly access the latest news updates as audio, video or text alerts via the ACCESS Twine™ for Car (Twine4Car) in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) solution.

Twine4Car brings content from a number of media partners and a wide range of apps, TV services, and VOD offerings for a multitude of markets. It enables OEMs to create a fully branded user interface that acts as a central hub for all in-vehicle services, while also allowing access to pre-installed apps and full bring-your-own-device support for smartphones and tablets.

Other features in Twine4Car include:

  • TWINE App Store: A dedicated hybrid in-car app store, to enable OEMs to make a wide selection of apps available to drivers and passengers within their own branded in-car platform.
  • Native Android app support: Twine4Car allows for the seamless integration of native applications, creating an immersive user experience via the OEM-branded IVI interface. This enables OEMs to remain in full control of the services and make a perfect UX for both native apps and embedded or API based services.
  • Sync Play: Twine4Car allows two devices to synchronize the playback of the same video content, enabling passengers to enjoy content on the screen in front of them at the same time as other passengers.
  • Parental/Remote Control: Along with content related control from any screen in the vehicle, Twine4Car can put parents in charge of the type and length of content consumed by their children.
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