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Frost & Sullivan introduces 10 growth opportunities in mobility for 2021

Industry experts present future trends such as used cars, digital retail, connected car IoT platforms, and fuel cell electric vehicles

The automotive industry was dealt a body blow in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The resulting lockdowns across all major economies resulted in global sales plummeting within half of the year. However, key markets such as China, India, and Europe have shown signs of a recovery as lockdowns ease and economies sputter back to life.

Sales in China and India have been driven by compact small cars sought by first-time buyers, many of whom remain apprehensive about public transportation and ridesharing services. In Europe, the success of incentive programs in countries such as Germany has contributed to positive numbers, while in the United States, the automotive market has witnessed a revival in the third quarter boosted by demand for SUVs and pickup trucks.

To help companies identify new approaches for top-line growth and plan for a more fruitful 2021, Frost & Sullivan’s team of industry experts have compiled a complimentary insight: Top 10 Growth Opportunities in Mobility for 2021 – What You Need to Know Now.

Gain insight into exciting new growth opportunities, strategic recommendations, best practices, and future developments in areas such as:

  1. Used car market
  2. Digital retail
  3. Connected car IoT platforms
  4. Subscription services
  5. Car as a point of health
  6. EV platform architecture strategies
  7. Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs)
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