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Waymo vehicles now delivering Uber eats in Phoenix

Uber and Waymo are revving up the future of food delivery in Phoenix. The companies announced the launch of autonomous Uber Eats deliveries via Waymo’s self-driving vehicles. This marks an expansion of their existing partnership, which already offers self-driving ride-hailing services in the Phoenix area.

As part of the ongoing partnership with Uber, Uber Eats consumers may be matched with the Waymo Driver, and have their meals delivered by a fully autonomous Waymo vehicle within their 225+ square mile Metro Phoenix service area. 

They thrill to introduce another application of the Waymo Driver to a broader audience and local businesses in Metro Phoenix, renowned as the world’s largest autonomous vehicle service area. Initially, they will collaborate with chosen merchants in Chandler, Tempe, and Mesa, which include local favorites such as Princess Pita, Filiberto’s, and Bosa Donuts.

How to order with the Waymo Driver

When placing an order in our Phoenix service area, Uber Eats consumers will receive an in-app prompt that says, “autonomous vehicles may deliver your order.” Customers can opt-out during checkout if they prefer delivery by a human courier.

After placing an order, Uber Eats users will be notified if they’ve matched with a fully autonomous Waymo vehicle. When the vehicle arrives, customers will receive instructions to take their phone with them to open the vehicle’s trunk and collect their items.

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