Tata Technologies collaborates with TiHAN on SDV and ADAS

Tata Technologies on 8th May 2023 announced a partnership with TiHAN (Technology Innovation Hub on Autonomous Navigation and Data Acquisition Systems at IIT Hyderabad), to collaborate in the areas of Software Defined Vehicles (SDV) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Source & more: The Economic Times

About TiHUB:
This is a multi-departmental initiative, including researchers from Electrical Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Mechanical, and Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mathematics, Design, and Entrepreneurship at IIT Hyderabad with collaboration and support from reputed institutions and industry.

The vision of this hub is to become a global destination for next-generation smart mobility technologies that utilize reliable and efficient autonomous navigation and data acquisition systems in the next five years. The mission of this hub is to accelerate the adoption of autonomous navigation and next-generation smart mobility technologies for use in intelligent transportation and agricultural applications, not only in India but also in a global context.

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