SLMG Beverages to invest Rs 100 Cr in EV fleet expansion

Date: September 4, 2023. — SLMG Beverages, which is into bottling and distribution for a prominent player in the beverage industry, plans to invest Rs 100 crore to bolster its electric vehicle (EV) fleet from 2000 EVs to 5000 EVs by 2024. They will procure electric delivery vans, bikes, and cars.

SLMG Beverage plans to integrate these vehicles into their distribution and logistics network. The company aims to significantly enhance its last-mile delivery capabilities while promoting clean and green transportation solutions.  With this investment, the business will switch its whole distribution to electric vehicles.

The Rs 100 crore investment will also encompass the establishment of EV charging infrastructure. This will be implemented across SLMG Beverage’s distribution hubs and production facilities. SLMG has invested in more than 2000 battery-powered light trucks and three-wheelers. This investment has boosted both its economic and environmental efficiency. It designed this move to support the growing EV fleet and make charging accessible and convenient for employees and partners.

Mahindra & Mahindra and Tata Motors will be SLMG’s OEM partners for the 3-Wheelers that will distribute bottles across 4 states. The last-mile delivery of goods to stores in Tier 2-3 cities is one instance where electric vehicles have already shown their value. Moreover, a sizeable majority of SLMG’s sales come from these regions. Integrating EV logistics has shown to be very successful and advantageous for both parties.

SLMG’s decision aligns with the Indian government’s push for electric mobility and sustainable practices. The company joins a growing list of corporations embracing electric vehicles as part of their corporate sustainability strategies.

This investment is expected to have a ripple effect. It will not only reduce carbon emissions associated with the beverage industry but also set an example for others in the sector to follow suit. As the world increasingly focuses on sustainability, SLMG Beverage’s commitment to eco-friendly transportation is a commendable step forward.

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