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THine V-by-One® HS technology used in NVIDIA G-SYNC® processor

THine Solutions, Inc. and its parent company THine Electronics, Inc. announced that V-by-One® HS, one of their proprietary technologies, is used in NVIDIA’s current generation G-SYNC processor. This processor drives the display panels of gaming monitors, including the industry’s latest and most advanced OLED desktop monitors.

Having been used in the TV market, OLED displays are driven by THine’s V-by-One® HS which is the de facto standard for internal video transmission protocol in TV markets. THine has worked with NVIDIA on its G-SYNC monitor projects to bring to gaming monitors the latest high-speed display panels featuring the V-by-One® HS interface.

The reasons V-by-One® HS became the de facto standard in TV markets include but are not limited to:

  • Protocol Simplicity and Low Power Consumption
  • Flexibility for Multi-Lane Transmission, Cable Selection, and Pin-Assignment
  • Intensive Technical Support Close to Manufacturing Cites

“Although it has been more than 8 years since we started working with NVIDIA, it is always exciting every time NVIDIA launches a solution with our technology,” said Tak Iizuka, Chief Solution Architect of THine Solutions, Inc. “We are committed to developing projects that deliver new and exciting end user experiences never before available.”

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