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Continental to handle tire service for EV fleet of ride-sharing provider MOIA

Conti360° Fleet Solutions contract covers VW subsidiary’s entire EV fleet

Continental and MOIA are joining forces to help deliver the sustainable mobility of the future. The premium tire manufacturer is supporting MOIA, a provider of ride-sharing services in Hamburg and Hanover, Germany, with tires and service, in line with a Conti360° Fleet Solutions Mileage Contract. Together with its service partner Vergölst, Continental will look after tire performance and provide a breakdown service. “We’ve successfully transferred our established 360° Fleet Solutions concept from the commercial vehicle sector to MOIA’s new and innovative mobility concept,” says Annika Lorenz, Head of Fleet Business Germany at Continental.

Tires for the electric mobility of the future

Volkswagen’s mobility services provider MOIA began offering its ride-sharing services in Hanover in mid-2018 – now supported by Conti360° Fleet Solutions.
Copyright: MOIA GmbH

Volkswagen’s mobility services provider MOIA first began offering its ride-sharing services in mid-2018 in Hanover, and in April 2019 in Hamburg. With MOIA’s ride-sharing system, several people with similar points of origin and destinations share a vehicle. By complementing public transportation and other mobility services, MOIA creates added incentives for urban residents to leave their own cars at home. In this way, MOIA is helping the cities to resolve their traffic-related problems such as air pollution, congestion, noise and a lack of space, and attain their sustainability goals. The service is easily booked via an app. “We developed the VanContact 4Season tire for the MOIA vehicle in line with Volkswagen’s requirements,” reports Annika Lorenz. “This all-season tire features low rolling resistance for greater energy efficiency, while at the same time delivering good braking performance on wet and slippery roads, maximum ride quality and top-class safety.”

Tire breakdown service 365 days a year

The VanContact 4Season all-season tire offers low rolling resistance for greater energy efficiency.
Copyright: Continental

Collaboration with Continental offers many advantages for MOIA: “We are very pleased that in Continental we have found a dependable partner for our fleets in Hamburg and Hanover,” says Jens-Michael May, CEO of MOIA Operations Germany GmbH. “The combination of the all-season tire specially developed for us and the Conti360° Fleet Solutions concept enables us to ensure even greater safety, while the 24-hour tire breakdown service will boost the efficiency of our fleets.”

With its professional all-round tire service, Continental also guarantees that tire pressures are monitored and that the tires of MOIA’s EV fleet are kept in top technical condition. This makes optimum use of tires’ service life, conserves resources and eases the strain on the battery. At the same time, the all-round tire management flat rate included in Continental’s service offering helps to eliminate unexpected tire-related costs. In sum, this collaboration between mobility service provider MOIA and Continental represents an innovative concept that points the way to the sustainable mobility of the future.

Conti360° Fleet Solutions is Continental’s professional all-round tire service that adapts to specific customer needs, enabling them to achieve the lowest overall driving costs in respect of tires and service. Services include perfect selection of the tires, correct fitting, ongoing monitoring and reporting, and fast response in the event of a tire breakdown, as well as the proper handling of worn tires. 

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