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Otonomo delivers to Greater Than, InsurTech leader, connected-car data

Otonomo, a pioneering automotive data services platform provider, and Greater Than, the leading AI technology-based insurtech company, announces its agreement. Otonomo plans to provide Greater Than with privacy-compliant, near real-time, connected car data from cars in Germany and the United States. Otonomo’s connected car data will be used by Greater Than to enable the expansion of direct sales of risk insights profoundly without any intermediate insurance product, hardware, or apps. Delivering stand-alone AI-based risk data to fleets and insurers facilitates and simplifies the access to an in-depth risk insight of its existing motor book.

“The big barrier to our growth has been efficient and scalable data capture,” explains Liselott Johansson, Greater Than CEO. “With the Otonomo collaboration, we take a long-awaited step and can deliver our risk insight as a single offer without our customers having to change anything in their policies or offerings.”

The availability of embedded car data and innovation among service providers has resulted in a maturing market of tailored automotive-related services. By capturing embedded data from Otonomo, Greater Than can enrich and expand its offering beyond the data captured by aftermarket devices. This increases accessibility and facilitates the distribution of risk insights. As Greater Than recently launched an app2car connectivity, Greater Than will be able to connect any car to Otonomo’s diverse value-added services portfolio regardless of car model, fuel consumption, traffic, weather, cargo, or geographic position of the vehicle.

“We at Otonomo are proud that our unique technology combined with Greater Than’s high-performing AI delivers an innovative, customer-centric solution to the insurance industry,” said Ben Volkow, Otonomo’s CEO. “We are aligned with Greater Than’s goal to develop information technology (IT) solutions and platforms designed to improve car driving.”

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