Connected Vehicle

Otonomo’s self-serve platform and API deliver secure access to car data

Otonomo announced the launch of its Self-Serve Platform and API, which give hassle-free, online access to real-time and historical, aggregated connected car data.

Otonomo Data Services Platform Features

The Otonomo Self-Serve Platform offers many features like easy-to-use geofencing, dynamic filtering, configurable APIs and visual data report generation capabilities, enabling developers to tailor the car data to their needs.

Highlighted features include:

  • Easy Access: providing quick access to the data; via API, visual query builder, and  geo-fencing UI  
  • Data Normalization: making the info easily understood and within the same format across all manufacturers 
  • Data Cleansing and Sanity: fixing and eliminating erroneous data to enhance the standard of the data and query results
  • Dynamic Filtering and Aggregation: supporting aggregation and filtering capabilities so data consumers can find the data they need
  • Scalability: as more connected cars hit the road, data platforms need to be able to quickly scale to support the processing of billions of data points in real-time

Visit Otonomo’s Self-Serve Data Platform to find out more, or to test drive Otonomo’s car data, free for 30 days.

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