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Fueloyal launches customized fuel purchase optimization system

Fueloyal, a connected vehicle platform provider based in Chicago, Illinois launched a customized fuel purchase optimization system. The company specializes in fleet data analysis for OEM connected vehicle business solutions.

Founded in 2015, the company has successfully supplied more than 1 million IoT devices to major companies in 16 countries. Their new Fuel Navigation platform aims to provide companies operating fleets of vehicles with significant fuel savings.

Some of the company integration possibilities include fuel management, fleet management, camera telematics, IoT gateways, MaaS, and car tracking services

According to Fueloyal’s experts, most long-haul trucking fleets operate without valuable data that could save them money from unnecessary expenses such as buying fuel at higher prices. Smart fuel buying is essential for fleet operators to significantly lower costs.

The company’s IoT and connected vehicle platform offers Fuel Navigator—an efficient fuel purchase optimization system designed for a fleet of vehicles that purchase most of its fuel on the road.

The fuel management system software works by using algorithms that learn about a vehicle’s activity and usage in order to provide the proper recommendations to ensure an average savings of 20 cents per gallon of fuel.

The newly launched fuel management optimization system services at Fueloyal Inc aim to help you reduce costs, bring new revenue from mobility services, and add value to your business.

The Fuel Navigator automatically generates real-time fuel prices and optimum travel routes at the time of dispatch. It tells the driver when, where, and how much fuel to buy, in order to ensure that they are purchasing at the right truck stop in a certain region that offers the cheapest possible price.

Fueloyal’s fuel management software also calculates just the right amount of gas to purchase for one leg of a trip, taking into consideration that the next location in another region may offer much lower prices.

Furthermore, the software’s algorithm takes into account the savings and discounts that the company fuel cards offer when providing its gas and route recommendations.

The fuel management platform also protects the company from fuel theft by drivers through company fuel card misuse. The advanced telematics devices installed in each truck record the amount of fuel added. If it senses that 2 or more fuel tanks are being filled, the company will be alerted.

The IoT vehicle solutions provided by Fueloyal Inc. can be used by any car company, from taxicab fleet managers to truck fleet management companies.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our fuel management and IoT connected vehicle platform will ultimately improve your system operations, provide significant fuel savings and help grow your business”.

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