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Verra Mobility partners with Eurowag to enable delivery of Interoperable toll payment solutions in Europe

Verra Mobility Corporation, a leading provider of smart mobility technology solutions, announces that its subsidiary has been chosen by one of the leading integrated mobility providers, Eurowag, to provide toll payment processing services for Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGVs) clients in Spain and Portugal. The two companies mutually agreed to terms for an agreement into 2026.

Verra Mobility’s leading toll management and payment processing capabilities will enable Eurowag customers to use expedited electronic toll lanes in both Spain and Portugal to optimize transport while making sure tolls are accurately paid and recorded.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Eurowag, a leading provider of on-road mobility solutions for HGVs in Europe,” stated Tsjerk-Friso Roelfzema, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Verra Mobility Europe. “Our innovative toll management services enable us to provide a consolidated and seamless toll payment solution that will enhance the overall driver experience and add efficiency for their commercial fleet customers. Like Eurowag’s pledge to improve the overall mobility experience for their clients, our commitment to simplify a complex tolling network and create a true pan-European toll management solution pays dividends for our partners.”

Verra Mobility specializes in offering innovative toll management services for fleet owners, operators, and service providers throughout Europe. The company’s services remove the complexity of a disjointed European toll infrastructure with interoperability while streamlining account management and electronic payments to create a better on-the-road experience. As a certified European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) provider, Verra Mobility is strategically positioned to offer more service providers like Eurowag with increased capabilities.

“After an exhaustive search for a strategic partner that could meet our stringent requirements, we are happy to have selected Verra Mobility,” stated Christoph von Krockow, Managing Director of Toll at Eurowag. “The toll management services from Verra Mobility will improve experiences for our customers in Spain and Portugal and will be transformational for drivers of HGVs with our current mobility solution. Drivers in Spain and Portugal will no longer need to stop at toll gantries to pay for their tolls, wasting valuable time. A more seamless mobility experience for our clients means faster, more efficient transport.”

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