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Verizon Connect brings small business fleet management solution to retail stores

Verizon Connect makes its small business, plug-and-play, fleet management solution available for purchase at Verizon retail stores.

As small businesses continue to serve their customers and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, fleets and drivers play an increasingly vital role in delivery of goods and services. To help them save money, and increase productivity and efficiency, Verizon Connect will now introduce its easy to use, plug-and-play fleet management solution, Reveal Starter, at Verizon corporate retail locations.

Reveal Starter is a fleet management solution designed for small businesses, making it a mission-critical service for companies providing field services, transportation, and deliveries.

The plug-and-play device is simple to install without impact on the customer’s tight schedule. Customers can access vehicle near-real-time location information either via an iOS or Android-enabled app or directly on the Reveal website. Reveal Starter allows fleet owners to manage, track and get alerted on driver assignments, miles driven, and driver behaviour (such as speeding, hard braking, etc). It also provides detailed vehicle reports for understanding long-term trends and performance. “Offering Reveal Starter at Verizon retail stores is the simplest way for small business owners to instantly incorporate a fleet management solution into their operations,” said John Molamphy, Vice President of Product and Software Engineering at Verizon Connect. “Verizon retail stores are already a familiar avenue for many small business customers purchasing mobile products, plans and accessories, now they can learn about the benefits of Verizon Connect’s offerings and purchase them instantly.” Verizon retail associates will assist customers on Reveal Starter, as well as future Verizon Connect small business products, while maintaining the safety measures implemented through Verizon's Touchless Retail experience, which leverages both physical and digital changes to reduce the number of physical touchpoints, while streamlining the customer shopping experience.

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