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Local Motors and AutoGuardian by SmartCone announce a strategic partnership to expand deployment and safe operations of the autonomous vehicle, Olli

AutoGuardian By SmartCone (AutoGuardian), an Ontario-based intelligent mobility solutions provider, and Local Motors, a leader in the design, manufacturing, and deployment of autonomous vehicles, announced they have entered into a strategic channel partnership. The joint agreement will expand the number of Olli shuttles on public and private roads, bringing autonomous mobility to more communities and enhancing passenger experience while providing safe operations.

Under the strategic agreement, Local Motors will provide AutoGuardian with the autonomous, electric, and 3D-printed Olli shuttles for customer deployments. AutoGuardian will provide day-to-day operations and supervision of the autonomous shuttles.  AutoGuardian and Local Motors will collect data and stakeholder feedback to systematically expand the operational design domain of first-mile/last-mile autonomous vehicles.

The partnership begins with two deployments in Canada, including Whitby, Ontario which was announced last week. This pilot integrates cutting-edge smart infrastructure along the route to help create safer roads for pedestrians, cyclists, transit passengers, and other road users. AutoGuardian is a unique operator in that it started with intelligent infrastructure solutions to increase safety for vulnerable road users but now has pivoted to include autonomous shuttle operations, as AVs can get people to their destination in a safer, smarter, and more eco-friendly way.

“Demand for autonomous mobility is growing globally in a number of use cases. Strong operating partners, like AutoGuardian, are critical to safely delivering the value of AVs, capturing that new demand, and expanding Olli’s capabilities at deployment,” said Local Motors President, Vikrant Aggarwal.

“We are excited to launch our Autonomous Shuttle Operations with such an experienced and collaborative partner. The future of mobility relies on safer, smarter transit solutions, of which autonomous shuttles will play a key role. We are proud to help lay the groundwork to advance this technology in Canada and beyond,” said CEO of AutoGuardian, Tenille Houston.

Both AutoGuardian and Local Motors believe in providing simple, safe mobility while meeting diverse user needs and reducing the transportation industry’s carbon footprint through sustainable alternatives. Olli has been deployed at universities, private campuses, and city centers around the globe and will continue growing with help from AutoGuardian.

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