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Tritium and Electric Era collaborate on energy storage system for EV chargers

As the U.S. Congress prepares to pass an infrastructure bill allocating $7.5 billion to electric vehicle (EV) charging, Tritium and Electric Era are partnering to deploy an energy storage system with direct current (DC) fast charging technology to provide an innovative way to deploy resilient charging infrastructure. Tritium has provided their RT175-S charger for integration with Electric Era’s PowerNode™ high-power stationary energy storage system to help site owners and operators achieve greater cost savings, more site resilience and accelerated build timelines.

“We are excited to work with Tritium because we believe equipping fast chargers with the best storage technologies will speed up the deployment of charging infrastructure, accelerate electric vehicle adoption, and ultimately reduce emissions,” said Quincy Lee, CEO of Electric Era. “Through our system we hope to incentivize more businesses to deploy electric vehicle chargers on their lots to help build a more robust infrastructure network.”

The Electric Era system prioritizes the use of stored energy within its battery management system to charge EVs, instead of defaulting to electricity solely from the grid. The system’s management platform uses a proprietary algorithm to monitor charging demand against the cost of grid and battery-stored energy, providing site owners and operators the opportunity to reduce power by 50 percent and operating costs by up to 30 percent through cost effective power delivery to EVs and a greater opportunity to leverage demand response events and peak shaving.

“By integrating Tritium DC charging solutions with innovations like Electric Era’s battery and management system, we can help increase uptime and help charging site owners increase their return on investment with higher energy output and lightning fast charging times,” said Mike Calise, President of Americas at Tritium. “Battery storage systems can increase site capacity by up to 50 percent without extensive site and grid upgrades, a win-win for both our customers and EV drivers.”

Tritium continues to expand globally with new high-powered installations in California, Maryland, and New York in the U.S. as well as Italy, Monaco, Australia, and other countries. The company’s small footprint, sealed enclosure, and liquid cooled DC fast charging technology can reduce total cost of ownership by up to 37 percent over 10 years compared to air-cooled systems. This can enable greater profitability for charge point operators and offers EV drivers an easy and convenient charging experience.

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