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WAVE brings wireless charging solution to maintenance depot

Wireless Advanced Vehicle Electrification (WAVE) is bringing its wireless charging infrastructure solution to Josephine Community Transit’s (Josephine) maintenance depot. This system will wirelessly charge two remanufactured Zero Emission Propulsion System (ZEPS) buses from Complete Coach Works.

Conventionally, electric vehicles return to a maintenance depot for overnight parking. Where they are charged by overhanging infrastructure or plug-in chargers and placed back into operation the next day.

WAVE Wireless Charging of Electric Bus

The WAVE system takes up less space than plug-in or overhead chargers. The system consists of a charging pad embedded within the pavement. And transfers power through the air to a receiving pad mounted on the vehicle’s undercarriage. Its inductive power transfer eliminates the hassle of cords or overhead infrastructure. The system requires no cables or connectors and has no moving parts, substantially reducing maintenance requirements both on-and-off the bus.

“Offering the WAVE wireless charging infrastructure system at a maintenance garage, in addition to its typical en route use, is a unique opportunity to work collaboratively with Josephine and advance the industry,” said WAVE CEO Michael Masquelier.

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