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Airbiquity & Tessolve boost connected vehicle development

SEATTLE, WA – September 29, 2023 – Airbiquity® announced a partnership with Tessolve, a hardware platform company for silicon and system productization for various market segments, including automotive, motorcycles, scooters, industrial IoT, semiconductor, avionics, and defense. The two companies have pre-integrated Airbiquity’s OTAmatic® software management platform and LOGmatic™ data logging platform with Tessolve’s TERA family of devices. Moreover, this integration aims to offer industry-leading sophisticated application gateways that vehicle integration can easily incorporate. Making both companies’ solutions available together drastically reduces the complexity, expense, and time required. This is for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to evaluate, develop, and deploy sophisticated connected vehicles. This includes full-vehicle OTA software updates and flexible data logging.

Airbiquity’s OTAmatic software management platform securely orchestrates and automates software update campaigns. It meets the unique and stringent requirements of the automotive industry. Moreover, Airbiquity’s LOGmatic data logging platform is a simple to integrate and flexible to use offering that allows secure, configurable, dynamic data logging and transmission with ECU protection. It also minimized resource utilization.

Tessolve’s TERA is a compact, high-performance application gateway based on the S32G274A SMARC SoC. It is targeted for vehicle networking and industrial applications with a customizable development and deployment platform. It is designed to be automotive-compliant. A new member of the TERA family is the OBD Dongle. Furthermore, Dongle is a small form factor IoT device capable of connecting the vehicle to the cloud. It can also run high-performance edge computing.

“Airbiquity has always designed our products to have industry leading features and functionality. Additionally, we prioritize modularity, flexibility, and ease of integration,” said Keefe Leung, Vice President of Product Management for Airbiquity. “Making our products available on Tessolve’s TERA gateways allows companies to quickly enable software-defined vehicles. The TERA Dongle is particularly compelling due to its small size, high computing capabilities, and standard OBD-II port interface, resulting in an ideal platform to quickly evaluate and develop both OTAmatic. This allows standard OBDs and LOGmatics full-vehicle OTA or data logging capabilities.”

“The embedded team at Tessolve has been focusing on creating path-breaking forward-looking engineering solutions. TERA is one such solution targeted towards vehicle markets. It delivers edge AI capabilities on an intelligent box capable of collecting data. It performs number crunching using a powerful S32G2 SoC from NXP. TERA connects vehicle data to the cloud through 4G / 5G or Wi-Fi networks, opening opportunities to bring dynamic software over-the-air upgrade capabilities to the vehicle. This also opens up many more possibilities to turn ideas into reality with it. In this direction, Tessolve proudly partners with Airbiquity to bring vehicle upgrade and data logging features on the TERA family of wirelessly connected edge AI capable devices. This partnership with Airbiquity strengthens our offerings where we bring innovative and unique engineering solutions to market,” said Kiran kumar Nagendra, AVP Embedded Systems for Tessolve.

To learn more about Airbiquity, OTAmatic, and LOGmatic click here.

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