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Loadsmart launches true mode optimization to reimagine sustainable shipping

Loadsmart launched a new mode optimization capability that gives multiple instantly bookable rates for a single full truckload (FTL) shipment. Backed by data and analytics, the update provides the required information for shippers to select the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable modes for FTL shipments.

The new offering is a major step in reimagining the dynamics between shipper and broker to enhance logistics execution. Loadsmart’s feature identify which shipments are best suited for rail and which rail routes are flexible enough to permit shipments to reach the ultimate destination. 

Loadmart’s algorithms recognized 30% of all FTL shipments qualified as suitable for rail. Rather than having to seek multiple quotes for FTL and rail options, Loadsmart saves time by providing the data and intelligence necessary to instantly compare options and make the best decision with no additional rate discovery. This has the potential to reduce both costs and carbon emissions as one intermodal train is capable of hauling approximately 280 truckloads of freight.

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