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70mai launches the first 360° rotatable Dash Cam

70mai, an auto intelligence company dedicated to driving smart innovations with its products, announced the launch of the Dash Cam Omni. The patented 360° rotating design solved a pain point of similar products in which the image became distorted due to its large field of view. Omni is the first dash cam from 70mai that utilizes an AI algorithm to boost car safety during parking surveillance.

Omni provides superb night vision. Empowered by PureCel®Plus-S HDR technology, Omni can adjust exposure balance and reduce image noise with ease in low-light or high-contrast environments. No need to worry about driving at night since Omni has your back. 


  • 360° (camera FOV); 140° (lens FOV)
  • 24H AI parking surveillance
  • Day & Night optical performance
  • Intelligent driving assistance for safe road trips
  • Time-lapse recording
  • Real-time monitoring
  • 1920x1080p video resolution
  • 1.2 inch-IPS display screen
  • PureCel Plus-S HDR
  • GPS and ADAS
  • App Control
  • Voice Control

Thanks to its 360° rotating design, Omni records the most complete view with no blind spots while minimizing distortion of images to ensure the clarity of details. The camera also shoots emergency video 2 seconds prior to a collision, which guarantees all important details are captured. During parking mode, AI motion detection allows Omni to identify suspicious figures around your car and will rotate to the spots of activity while recording the emergency footage. You’ll even get a real-time alert via your app* when you are away from your car.

“Innovation is the consistent pursuit of 70mai. It’s the first time that we have brought in an electric motor to a dash camera. Our team has overcome unprecedented challenges and technical issues and now proudly can say that Omni is a truly smart, flexible, multi-functional 360° full-view dash camera.” — Product Lead from 70mai 

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