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AAM secures business award for next generation 3-in-1 electric drive technology

American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc. announced it has secured an agreement with e-mobility leader REE Automotive Ltd. to supply high-performance electric drive units (EDU) in a modular platform that can support multiple customer vehicle programs. The business award features AAM’s award-winning, next-generation 3-in-1 electric drive technology, which integrates the electric motor, gearbox, and inverter into a single, compact package. This highly engineered EDU weighs 25 percent less than other units without sacrificing any power or performance. The system’s peak torque reaches 3,250 Nm.

Earlier this year, AAM and REE announced plans to jointly develop a new electric propulsion system that incorporates AAM’s EDU into REE’s highly modular and disruptive REEcornerTM¬†technology that enables a fully flat EV chassis for multiple commercial vehicle applications. The REEcornerTM¬†integrates critical vehicle components (steering, braking, suspension, powertrain and control) into the area between the chassis and the wheel to deliver significant functional and economic advantages.

“This is the first contract that leverages AAM and REE’s jointly developed technology,” said David C. Dauch, AAM Chairman and CEO. “AAM continues to grow our electric propulsion business with strategic opportunities in new markets and with new customers like REE. We are excited about this fast-growing segment and continue to remain focused on accelerating additional global opportunities.”

The electric drive units will be developed at AAM’s Advanced Technology and Development Center in Detroit with delivery of prototypes planned by the end of 2021 and full-volume production expected by 2024.  

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