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AAMP Global launches aftermarket infotainment system for Jeep vehicles

AAMP Global launched a fully integrated Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT kit for its Stinger HEIGH10 infotainment system under its brand, PAC.

The kit enables drivers to upgrade the factory radio in their Jeep Wrangler JLs (2018 – 2020) or Gladiator JTs (2020) with a 10-inch touchscreen multimedia system called the HEIGH10 by Stinger Electronics. It comes equipped with components to replace the factory radio while maintaining the factory finished look.

With the kit, drivers enjoy the benefits of retaining their factory features while adding even more upgraded features. Users can access factory retained features (if equipped) using their HEIGH10 multimedia system. Retained features include:

  • All factory cameras in full high definition
  • Dual and single zone factory climate control
  • Factory amplifier
  • Factory USB ports
  • Safety group chimes, including ParkSense®
  • Steering wheel controls
  • Auxiliary switch panel settings
  • Heated seats / heated steering wheel
  • On-screen vehicle settings menu

PAC’s newest application allows for even more fully integrated added features and user customizable screens:

  • Vehicle information screen: tire pressure with custom pressure threshold, current vehicle status – including door open/closed/removed, view and clear check engine status
  • Vehicle drivetrain screen (Jeep off-road data including): transfer case, axle and sway bar status, current position (latitude/longitude), altitude, steering angle
  • Vehicle gauges: eight gauges on screen, save up to 2 presets, battery voltage, oil temperature, oil pressure, transmission temperature, coolant temperature… and many more
  • Vehicle off-road screen: pitch, roll, GPS coordinates, compass
  • Vehicle performance screen: speed, RPM, current/best 0-60mph time, current/best 60-0mph brake distance, current/best ¼ mile time
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