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AB Dynamics showcases swarm testing for ADAS and autonomous vehicle development

AB Dynamics has showcased its capability to replicate simulated swarm tests quickly and accurately within the real world and vice-versa. By using a common toolchain, complex scenario testing are often transferred from one environment to the other with centimeter accuracy.

AB Dynamics recently conducted a track test with VW Group where eight objects were coordinated during a swarm test using the company’s vehicle control robots and wireless telemetry system.

Scenario testing using a swarm of vehicles is a vital aspect of development for ADAS and autonomous vehicle technologies. It assesses the power of autonomous functions to interpret the behavior and intentions of drivers and vehicles within the close vicinity. Scenarios like merge-in, caused by lane closures on divided highways, cut-in and cut-out are common events that force a vehicle using ADAS or autonomous systems to make a decision.

It has produced a video to explain the complexities of swarm testing and demonstrate its capabilities in this area.

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