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AECC new report- Driving Data to the Edge: The Challenge of Data Traffic Distribution

The Automotive Edge Computing Consortium (AECC), a non-profit consortium of cross-industry players announced the publication of Version 2.0 of its technical report, Driving Data to the Edge: The Challenge of Data Traffic Distribution.

In the report, the AECC Technical Solutions Working Group (WG2) suggests a “distributed computing on localized networks” solution concept and architecture for ensuring service flexibility, efficiency, and therefore the continued evolution of the automotive industry. By offering suggestions to vehicle OEMs, MNOs, and the service provider ecosystem, the report provides ways to optimize service offerings to satisfy the growing needs of connected vehicle owners and users.

The report expands upon its initial technology solutions around three key issues: edge data offloading, mobility service provider server selection and vehicle system reachability. The report adds discussion and recommendations on three new important issues related to localized networks:

  • Access network selection
  • Provisioning and configuration update
  • Opportunistic data transfer

By sharing relevant findings, requirements, and technology solutions with standards organizations and the public, the AECC aims to encourage the development of connected vehicle best practices and new use cases to accelerate the growth of the entire industry. The AECC’s vision is to make a new era where connected vehicles utilize the complete benefits of high-volume data for the evolution of the connected world, improving safety, sustainability, and reliability, and enhancing the user experience.

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