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AEV introduces Traumahawk Telematics

American Emergency Vehicles (AEV), part of REV Group® and manufacturer of Type I, II, III and Medium Duty ambulances, now offers Traumahawk Telematics, integrated vehicle intelligence solutions as a standard feature on select AEV Type I, Type III and Medium Duty ambulance models.

Traumahawk Telematics generates advanced vehicle informatics to help ambulance fleet owners manage their fleets more efficiently and keep their crews and patients more safe. Additionally, Traumahawk Telematics enables remote fleet management and maintenance, monitors driver behavior, tracks fleet utilization, and provides an intelligent platform for additional capabilities such as RFID asset tracking.

“The introduction of Traumahawk Telematics is another example of AEV’s commitment to continually improve the productivity and safety of our customers each and every day,” said Randy Hanson, President of AEV.

Traumahawk Telematics, which is powered by ACETECH™, includes the following benefits:

  • Real-time driver and fleet monitoring​
  • Real-time driver safety coaching with voice alerts​
  • GPS location services​
  • Accelerometer & turning data​
  • Vehicle Accessory Information (i.e. lights on) ​
  • Maintenance Alerts​
  • Battery Monitoring​
  • Fuel Use Monitoring​
  • Ambulance Status​
  • Geo-Fencing​
  • OBD2 Codes​
  • Collision Alerts​
  • Data collected, preserved, and stored even in cellular dead zones
  • One-year free subscription to ACETECH iNSIGHT cloud-based software
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