Connected VehicleVehicle Telematics ‘Connected Car’ offers monitoring solution

CalAmp Telematics Help Unite Vehicle Safety with Home Automation Connected Car, developed in collaboration with vehicle telematics solutions pioneer CalAmp, offers all the benefits of a vehicle monitoring solution plus the unique benefit of deep integration with the smart home security system. Vehicle insights, notifications and home automation features are all accessible through one interface – the mobile app.

Compatible with most cars manufactured since 1996, the Connected Car device plugs into a vehicle’s OBD-II port for easy self-installation, reducing the need for costly truck rolls to add the device. Connected Car uses a dedicated cellular connection and has a battery backup, so it communicates with the home system and end-user, even when the vehicle’s engine is off. With CalAmp’s telematics technology integrated with the solution, users can create rules so they receive notifications about specific vehicle details or activity, such as:

  • Diagnostics and potential repairs (check engine light on, low battery or low fuel)
  • Driving Behavior (sudden acceleration, hard braking, excessive speeding)
  • Unexpected Movement (vehicle moves while the engine is off, indicating it may have been towed, crashed into, or stolen)

Vehicles with Connected Car installed can be added to a user’s existing smart home security system to trigger automation rules and reminders using the vehicle’s location.

Connected Car is available through authorized service providers in the U.S. and Canada as a standalone solution or add-on to an existing system. Visit to learn more about Connected Car.

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