Connected Vehicle

ALD Automotive partners with Telefónica Tech and Geotab to develop its connected car solution

ALD Automotive has partnered with Telefónica Tech and Geotab to develop its connected car solution. ALD Automotive plans to launch the solution in Europe and Latin America starting with 12 countries in 2021.

Both companies will collaborate to provide ALD Automotive with a fleet management solution including device, connectivity, and a telematics platform. This solution will provide key data such as GPS location, accelerometer, and vehicle electronics unit data, with high compatibility with brands and models.

With this solution, ALD Automotive will be able to remotely manage vehicle fleets in real-time, proactively plan car maintenance operations and improve the experience of drivers and fleet managers. This solution helps significantly reduce environmental impact through CO2 emissions tracking and more efficient use of fuel.

Telefónica Tech will provide full support to ALD Automotive in countries where it deploys connected vehicle technology to make sure that queries and incidents issued by local teams are quickly reported and resolved by teams located in the same time zone.

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