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ALYI publishes EV rideshare update with IQST, UN and Revolt Token highlights

Alternet Systems, Inc. confirmed a scheduled update form ALYI’s funding partner, RevoltTOKEN, to be published this Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021.

RevoltTOKEN has opened the sale of Revolt Tokens to contribute to financing ALYI’s overall electric vehicle ecosystem strategy. In the course of the initial Revolt Token sales, ALYI’s funding partner, RevoltTOKEN has learned from the initial process and is making updates to the Revolt Token program it expects to rollout soon.  The update on Wednesday will include more details.

The RevoltTOKEN update follows an ALYI management update published on Friday.  ALYI released a management update after conducting a scheduled review of its electric motorcycle development program with the dedicated design team from MODUS Applied Innovations

The management update published Friday includes details on iQSTEL’s contributions to ALYI’s electric motorcycle development program and EV Rideshare and Self-Drive Rental pilot program in Africa.

The management update also includes details on a parallel electric motorcycle pilot recently initiated in Kenya by the United Nations.

See the Friday management update:

ALYI Publishes EV Rideshare Update With IQST, UN and Revolt Token Highlights

ALYI’s primary business focus is on its overall electric vehicle ecosystem strategy out of which electric vehicles will be just one component. 

ALYI is building its electric vehicle ecosystem in a region with one of the lowest per capita transportation ratios in the world, Sub Saharan Africa.  

To both attract industry leading talent to collaborate in ALYI’s electric vehicle ecosystem, and to provide an opportunity to prove innovations coming out of the electric vehicle ecosystem, ALYI is launching an annual electric vehicle race in partnership with a brand name racing organization. The annual race event will be hosted simultaneously with an electric mobility symposium and expo.

ALYI is setting itself apart from the rest of the electric vehicle industry not only through its electric vehicle ecosystem strategy, but also through its commitment to democratize the electric vehicle ecosystem.

ALYI’s financing partner and electric vehicle ecosystem collaborator, RevoltTOKEN, has already provided key funding to advance ALYI’s business plan to its current stage. 

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