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Ampcera announces scaling production of its engineered solid-state electrolytes

Ampcera Inc., an innovator in solid-state electrolyte technology, is significantly increasing production capacity of its engineered materials at its facilities in Tucson, Arizona in order to meet the growing demand for use in solid-state batteries. 

Supply of high quality, low-cost solid-state electrolyte materials at scale is critical to mass adoption of solid-state batteries, and Ampcera is well positioned to become the provider of choice and global leader for these materials. The company is scaling towards mass production levels by 2025 in order to bring the average material cost below $50 per kilogram, making solid-state batteries cost competitive with conventional EV lithium-ion batteries and fossil-fuel powered vehicles.

“As the major independent developer and producer of solid-state electrolyte materials, Ampcera is supporting solid-state battery research and development efforts of 200+ companies and organizations globally, generating revenue of over one million US dollars from 1,000+ purchase orders,” said Dr. Sumin Zhu, CEO and Co-Founder of Ampcera Inc. “Our decision to increase the production capacity is driven by our customers’ efforts to accelerate the development and production of solid-state batteries. Thanks to our large customer base and high-value intellectual property, Ampcera is in a unique position to scale up production to meet the rapidly growing market demand for solid-state electrolyte materials.”

Ampcera also plans to install a proprietary pilot production line for the integration of its engineered materials in solid-state batteries, making this technology available for licensing by its customers. “Our integration technology provides solutions to the critical problems in solid-state batteries such as lithium dendrites and power rate,” said Dr. Hui Du, CTO and Co-Founder of Ampcera Inc. “Our scalable method can dramatically accelerate the development pace and significantly reduce the manufacturing cost for solid-state batteries.”

By 2025, solid-state batteries are projected to achieve gravimetric and volumetric energy densities of 450 Wh/kg and 1400 Wh/L, respectively. Ampcera is confident in achieving solid-state battery cost of less than $75 per kilowatt hour by applying and scaling existing industrial processes for mass production.

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