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Ansys unveils AVxcelerate for efficient ADAS/AV system development

PITTSBURGH, PA, December 19, 2023 – Ansys (NASDAQ: ANSS)  launches AVxcelerate Autonomy, a first-of-its-kind, end-to-end solution capable of reducing cost and time-to-compliance for L2+, L3, and above ADAS/AV systems by 100,000X. Co-developed with the BMW Group, Ansys AVxcelerate Autonomy empowers companies to further digital transformation efforts. It helps them achieve the majority of test driving required for compliance virtually.

The race to develop safe, reliable autonomous vehicles is unfolding in a virtual environment. Increasingly powerful digital engineering technology enables users to validate safety. This is done by virtually evaluating millions of known and unknown situations that mimic real-world driving scenarios.

The latest evolution in AV simulation technology, Ansys AVxcelerate Autonomy is cloud-native, modular, and designed around an MBSE framework. Its flexible, open architecture follows the Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems (ASAM) openX standards. This industry benchmark facilitates seamless data transfer from the toolchain and supports integration into any enterprise-level solution via fixed APIs. Moreover, the solution is in the process of becoming ISO 26262 certified. This will also allow companies to develop their workflows for L3 and above certification.

AVxcelerate Autonomy employs extensive scenario variation management capabilities. These capabilities are used to conduct sensitivity and reliability analyses, aiding users in assessing the likelihood of ADAS/AV system failure. Additionally, the system validates operations at scale, contributing to the establishment of a case for safety justification. Furthermore, designed for continuous safety validation, AVxcelerate Autonomy can accommodate over-the-air updates for the lifecycle of the product.

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Leveraging the power of a robust, adaptive exploration algorithm optimized in the cloud, users will be able to accelerate sensitivity analyses by 1,000X compared to traditional algorithms. By replacing most of the physical tests with virtual driving, users can further accelerate development by 100X to realize a potential 100,000X reduction in cost and time-to-compliance.

“Automotive manufacturers face one of the biggest challenges in navigating the complex rules around regulatory compliance by actively providing safety justification,” said Walt Hearn, senior vice president of worldwide sales and customer excellence at Ansys. “Moving from one level of autonomy to the next requires extreme technological advances that are accessible, scalable, and easily implemented. Moreover, the predictive accuracy and framework of Ansys AVxcelerate Autonomy can speed autonomous technology development to support the industry in realizing a future where traffic collisions are extinct.”

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