Anyverse collaborates with Sony on synthetic data for ADAS

[Madrid, April 16th, 2024] – Anyverse, a company that creates realistic, simulated data for autonomous systems, allowing developers to test and improve their models in a virtual world, announced a technical collaboration with Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (Sony), integrating Sony’s Image Sensor Models into Anyverse’s synthetic data platform. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in advancing the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous driving, and other autonomous technologies.

Integrating Sony’s Image Sensor Models into Anyverse’s platform will revolutionize perception system design and validation cycles. This will allow developers to evaluate sensor configurations and increase model performance before implementation. The collaboration ensures the generation of highly accurate synthetic data and physically-based sensor simulation. This is achieved by leveraging Anyverse’s hyperspectral rendering technology, now enhanced by Sony’s Image Sensor Models.

“The collaboration with Sony Semiconductor Solutions represents a tremendous leap forward. It addresses one of the most critical challenges in dataset creation – the perception domain gap,” said Víctor González, CEO at Anyverse. “By bridging this gap through the combination of high-fidelity data and physical sensor simulation. We empower developers to create deep learning models that can effectively handle a wide spectrum of real-world scenarios.”

The perception domain gap refers to the variance between the characteristics of the sensors utilized in data acquisition. It also includes those deployed in production systems. This variance can significantly impact the performance of deep learning models, hindering their ability to interpret data accurately. Developers can now mitigate this challenge with Anyverse’s platform enriched by Sony’s Image Sensor Models. Moreover, this ensures seamless integration of new data into production systems.

This collaboration reduces the industry’s reliance on real-world data collection, streamlining go-to-market timelines and minimizing costs associated with physical testing. Furthermore, developers no longer need to deploy sensors on numerous vehicles/devices for testing purposes. Through Anyverse’s platform, they can access high-quality data and sensor models, expediting evaluation or expanding perception model coverage.

“The collaboration between Anyverse and Sony Semiconductor Solutions will provide an automotive-grade end-to-end spectral simulation pipeline. Moreover, this will cater to the ADAS perception system developers,” said Tomoki Seita, General Manager, Automotive Business Division, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation. “Sony has prepared Image Sensor Models based on the internal architecture of the image sensors used in camera systems to achieve automotive-grade fidelity.”

Through this technical collaboration, Anyverse and Sony reaffirm their commitment to driving innovation in autonomous systems. Moreover, they are shaping the future of advanced perception.

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