Vehicle Telematics

Arcure launches its new solution: Blaxtair Connect

Arcure is extending its product range with Blaxtair Connect, a smart accident prevention solution.

Blaxtair Connect sends data from the 3D Blaxtair camera to the Cloud for analysis, in order to help Health and Safety Managers improve their site safety. Blaxtair Connect is designed to help companies proactively make changes to their site operations and to assist them in reaching their goal of zero vehicle/pedestrian incidents, by significantly reducing the risk of collisions.

Blaxtair Connect uses cellular connectivity, to gather data from fleets of vehicles equipped with Blaxtair (number of pedestrian detections, timestamps, GPS location, etc.), regardless of their global location. This data is presented on an online portal. It identifies areas where vehicles have the highest incidence of near misses with pedestrians, highlights the most dangerous machines, and determines the time and place where the risk of accident is highest. This key information gives companies the ability to make more impactful changes to their operating procedures and track the effectiveness of these preventive measures, resulting in a safer working environment.

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