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ArcusTeam announces rebranding with a new name – DeviceTotal

ArcusTeam, the leading platform for collecting, aggregating, and correlating all device-based security data for holistic visibility into risk, is now called DeviceTotal. This rebranding strategy reflects the evolution of the company as well as its vision for the future.

“We are the same company with the same values and products. The only difference is that our new name is more reflective of who we are and how our solutions are identified in the market” said Dr. Carmit Yadin, CEO and Founder of DeviceTotal. “This strategic move forward with our corporate rebranding highlights our goal of providing companies with a VirusTotal capability specifically for devices. Now, organizations have accurate vulnerability information for all devices and can eliminate time-consuming manual reviews looking for firmware or operating system updates that secure critical devices.”

DeviceTotal (formally ArcusTeam) has experienced significant growth in the past year.  In August 2021, DeviceTotal achieved its seed funding, enabling it to respond to its increasing customer base. The company saw 300% customer growth in the last year. The demand for its innovative approach to identifying, cataloguing, normalizing, and risk-rating traditionally difficult to manage devices kept pace with the expanded attack surface and evolving threat landscape.

“We’ve seen an exponential increase in demand for our product, especially from the MSP and MSSP community, because our approach is completely agent-less,” said Dr. Yadin. “We deliver a plug-and-play solution for devices, like Internet of Things (IoT) devices, that often remain a security ‘black box’ on the network that’s scalable, requiring no installation or integration.”

DeviceTotal provides in-depth risk analysis at three levels -device, site, and organization. Alongside the device risk landscape, the solution provides security recommendations contextualized to business requirements and provides an additional layer of cyber security.

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