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ASTM International launches Xcellerate™ program for emerging technologies

ASTM International launched ASTM Xcellerate™, an emerging technology program focused on strengthening the world’s emerging technology from research to standards.

“At ASTM International, we believe standards offer an invaluable platform for global collaboration,” notes Kathie Morgan, ASTM International president. “The ASTM Xcellerate program aims to put standards at the heart of all emerging technologies – promoting excellence, accelerating development, and bridging the gap to sustained success.”

The ASTM Xcellerate program builds on ASTM’s globally recognized standards development process to provide the speed and agility new technologies need to survive and thrive.

Intending to accelerate progress across all emerging technologies, ASTM Xcellerate has a scope focused on:

  • empowering broader global collaboration by harmonizing the needs of international research communities and embedding standards at the very start of the emerging technology process;
  • accelerating commercialization and reducing costs by supporting key R&D, avoiding duplication of work, and minimizing wasted resources; and
  • bridging the gap between research and full-scale operation by connecting industry and key stakeholders with relevance built in.

ASTM Xcellerate is built around four key pillars designed to meet the needs of industry, research organizations, regulators, academia, and governments as they explore the benefits standards can bring to emerging technologies around the world. The four pillars include:

  • Centers of Excellence;
  • Technical Experts;
  • Market Insight; and
  • Advisory Services.

“At present, ASTM Xcellerate currently covers four primary technologies including additive manufacturing, exo technologies, emerging airspace, and robotics and automation,” according to Brian Meincke, ASTM International vice president, global business development and innovation strategy. “ASTM is globally recognized as a leading standards development organization among these industries and the ASTM Xcellerate program will support and grow our thought leadership in these and other key emerging technologies.”  

Meincke notes that in the future, the aim is to expand ASTM Xcellerate to include other exciting technologies where ASTM’s research to standards approach can add real value.

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