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Augmenting GNSS Technologies for V2X and Automated Driving

By Alex Ngi, Product Manager, Product Strategy for Dead Reckoning, u blox

[20th Mar 2020] Historically, the limitations of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver technology have tended to restrict navigation-system performance, particularly in challenging scenarios such as urban canyons and multi-level road structures. Today’s receivers, however, are accurate to within just a few tens of centimeters and can achieve convergence time — the time to reach a specified accuracy level after the signal is interrupted and reacquired — of a just a few seconds. The typical latency — the delay between making the position measurement and reporting the position to the network — is approximately 10 milliseconds. Position updates can be delivered at well above 10Hz, and other technological enhancements have greatly improved positioning performance in urban environments. Read more

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