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Australia’s Emos to unveil new “Wyld” chopper-style electric bike

Brisbane-based Electric Mobility Solutions (EMoS) is to unveil a new “chopper-style” electric bike dubbed the “Wyld” on Wednesday – World EV Day – after gaining approval to sell the bike in Australia.

The Wyld will be added to EMoS’s personal transport lineup, which it says has the largest registerable portfolio of electric urban transport vehicles in Australia.

It promises to offer a relaxed, affordable choice to the growing last-mile and single passenger electric vehicle market.

With a top speed of 50kms, it is certainly not one that will appeal to the thrill-seeking crowd that will lap up the Livewire electric motorbike introduced last week by iconic bike maker Harley-Davidson.

Instead, it has plenty of “laid-back appeal” with features that, if EMoS gets its message out to the right audience, has the potential to attract a solid customer base looking for easy entry into personal electric mobility market.

It does its best to emulate the Harley style with its fat tyres and touring handlebars – but it sits at the other end of the market from the Livewire – from $2,999 depending on chosen battery and motor options.

The Wyld’s top speed of 50km/hr means that it in some states (QLD/SA/WA/NT), there is no need for a motorbike licence to ride.

And the convenience of a removable battery that weighs 7.8kg in its largest configuration, will make it more accessible for those living in apartments and complexes without needing an external charging point.

Two motor options are available including 1.5kW or 3.0kW motor, and three battery options are available: 60V/12Ah, 60V20Ah, and 60V/30Ah.

EMoS Founder and CTO Wolfgang Roffmann, said in a note by email that, “We want our vehicles to give our customers more, more safety, more agility and more fun.”

He says under real life conditions, the Wyld will offer around 65km riding range before needing to be recharged.

CEO and co-founder Harry Proskefallas noted by email that, “ Our philosophy has been from the start to be “different”, we want people to turn their heads for our vehicles, we want them to be excited about the form and the function and to make a statement for electric vehicles and that is the same for the Wyld which was “Born to be Wyld”.”

EMoS also offers the three-wheeled iLark which is being trialled in Brisbane by Domino’s Pizza as a last-mile delivery solution.

EMoS also carries a range of cargo three-wheelers including the CT-Kargo and the CT-Kube, and has another three exciting vehicles in the pipeline.

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