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AWS and Otonomo accelerate vehicle data-based innovation with connected car data collaboration

Otonomo Technologies Ltd., provider of a pioneering platform and marketplace for vehicle data, announced it will utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate vehicle data-based innovation. By integrating Otonomo’s Vehicle Data Platform with AWS’s Connected Mobility Solution, AWS customers in the automotive sector and beyond can now use their existing cloud infrastructure to make their automotive data available via the Otonomo Vehicle Data Platform.

Otonomo’s Vehicle Data Platform and Marketplace

Otonomo furnishes automakers and mobility service providers with the opportunity to create new revenue streams using the vast amounts of data that vehicles generate on a daily basis, which automakers are required to store and maintain. In addition to its proprietary data platform, Otonomo has developed a robust suite of SaaS offerings that provide data consumers with additional capabilities and vertically specific applications.  Privacy by design and neutrality are at the core of Otonomo’s platform, which enables compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations.

Realizing the Value of Connected Vehicle Data

“Together with AWS, Otonomo provides a solution for the automotive industry to fully leverage the value of connected vehicle data,” said Ben Volkow, CEO, Otonomo. “Having secure and compliant access to rich, harmonized vehicle data is the key to developing valuable services for drivers, fleets, smart cities, and enterprises. Our close collaboration with AWS offers AWS automotive industry customers and partners seamless access to a more advanced and mature market data utilization solution”.

Otonomo vehicle data is utilized by businesses, fleets, and smart cities for a wide variety of use cases, including, but not limited to fleet management, insurance, in-vehicle management, emergency services, mapping, electric vehicle (EV) management, subscription-based services, parking, predictive maintenance, in-vehicle services, traffic management, and smart cities.

Otonomo & AWS Helping Automotive Manufacturers Build Value Around the Car

“As the number of connected vehicles increases, so does the demand for data-driven products and services, and the opportunities for data utilization,” explains Bill Foy, Director of Automotive, AWS. “The relationship between Otonomo and AWS will empower our automotive customers to unlock new opportunities for consumers and the entire mobility system. With this expanded relationship, global automakers can rapidly deploy one of the most advanced vehicle data solutions using their existing cloud infrastructure and capabilities.”

Otonomo is now part of the AWS Partner Network (APN), which helps companies build successful AWS-based business practices and solutions.

Otonomo’s integration with AWS’s Connected Mobility Solution is designed to help AWS customers such as automotive manufacturers and automotive data providers are able to:

  •     More easily scale their vehicle data operations,
  •     Share vehicle data securely and in compliance with regulations, and
  •     Utilize vehicle data to deliver services that impact the driving experience and the overall mobility industry.
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