Basemark’s Rocksolid Core adds over-the-air update capability with SyncShield

Basemark announced that SyncShield has joined the Rocksolid Ecosystem. SyncShield is a software enterprise offering over-the-air (OTA) tools for cyber-secure control over connected devices. The cooperation enables cloud-side over-the-air operations for Rocksolid Core and provides easy integration to backend services and business processes in a secure manner.

With these over-the-air and cloud capabilities, automotive OEMs can tap into new revenue streams and business models. Besides safety-critical system updates, it’s now possible to offer customers new products and services, such as user interface upgrades and personalization, as well as enhanced features and functionality of the car, such as optimized battery loading for cold weather and new entertainment or navigation features.

“Modern software defined vehicles require safe and secure on-demand operations to be performed automatically from cloud services. SyncShield has created an industry-leading innovation to produce both secure and transparent pipelines to help our customers achieve these targets. The Rocksolid Core platform enables the seamless integration of these innovative third party solutions,” says Sami Niska, COO of Basemark.

The evolution of connected services is fast. The need for new thinking in Over-the-Air operations is the key to successfully keeping ahead of the competition in the market disruption of connected cars. Existing tools for a single purpose, e.g., firmware over-the-air are becoming obsolete fast as the requirement from fast-flowing connected services need direct, secure, and controlled access to cars.

SyncShield is a great tool for this purpose as it allows seamless integration to services while allowing administrators to limit access only to predefined parts of the car software and logs all actions performed on the car for audit purposes.

“Black boxes and over-the-air tools without proper backend APIs are becoming obsolete. Transparency, integrations, and control of cybersecurity is the key combination of how to run OTA operations tomorrow,” says Tero Takalo, CEO of SyncShield.

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