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Beep launches AutonomOS™ a software platform for public transport

LAKE NONA, Fla. – Nov. 15, 2023 — Beep Inc., provider of autonomous shared mobility solutions, announced the launch of Beep AutonomOS, a software platform built to allow public transit operators and mobility-as-a-service companies to integrate autonomous mobility services rapidly and seamlessly into their solutions.

Software-driven mobility provides an opportunity to deliver enhanced passenger experience through the implementation of autonomous mobility networks that combine real-time service optimization with greater efficiency and performance. As autonomous multi-passenger services begin deployment at scale, a solution for service management and remote supervision will be essential. 

AutonomOS is an autonomous vehicle-agnostic solution designed to deliver safe, scalable, cost-effective multi-passenger autonomous mobility services. Built to meet the needs of public transit operators and mobility service providers, AutonomOS provides a comprehensive services capability for the deployment and management of autonomous passenger services either as a standalone solution or with integration into multimodal operations.

The solution provides a unified view of service performance, fleet health and on-road operations. Governance tools ensure mission compliance and passenger safety. Service optimization features integrate service performance, smart city infrastructure and ridership data to dynamically drive service efficiency, optimize passenger experience and maximize ridership across the system.

Key features include:

  • Service definition and planning functions support a variety of service modes from fixed route to demand-responsive variants
  • Machine learning-powered in-cabin monitoring enables rapid response by remote supervisors in the event of a passenger safety or roadway issue 
  • Optimization engine drives real-time orchestration to maximize service efficiency
  • Connected platform integrates smart city infrastructure to provide greater context into site-wide operating conditions
  • Compatible with data standards including GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification), and GTFS-RT 
  • Support for leading ADS providers and equipped with a data protocol and toolkit that enables rapid integration with further platforms

Delivered as a software-as-a-service offering, Beep AutonomOS has been built to enterprise-grade levels of scalability, performance and information security. The platform provides interfaces to seamlessly incorporate an autonomous service into an existing multimodal operation, with integrations and APIs available for leading fleet management and operations platforms, and the ability to extend route and service visibility into third-party booking and journey planning platforms.

“Autonomous vehicles are capable of safely navigating our streets from waypoint to waypoint, but lack the concepts of mission, service and passenger,” said Joe Moye, CEO for Beep. “Beep AutonomOS fills a void in the autonomy landscape by introducing management and orchestration logic enabling the integration of autonomous vehicles into public mobility networks. More importantly, AutonomOS adds an additional layer of functionality to address passenger safety and comfort concerns in advance of fully unattended autonomous deployments.”

About Beep 

Beep delivers the next generation of autonomous, shared mobility solutions through its software and services. Specializing in planning, deploying and managing autonomous shuttles in dynamic mobility networks, Beep safely connects people and places with solutions that reduce congestion, eliminate carbon emissions, improve road safety and enable mobility for all. Beep leverages the data and learnings from its deployments to enhance and advance the safety, customer experience and operating capabilities of autonomous platforms. For more information visit

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