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Tamil Nadu pursues hydrogen partnership for commercial vehicles

Date: April 29, 2024.Tamil Nadu is actively seeking investment partnerships to advance hydrogen and fuel cell research, aiming to drive growth and sustainability in the commercial vehicle sector. This initiative was highlighted by Vishnu V., Managing Director & CEO of Guidance Tamil Nadu, during a commercial vehicle summit organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in Chennai.

Vishnu V. highlighted Tamil Nadu’s allure as a top investment hub within India, emphasizing its appeal to enterprises seeking expansion, particularly those that have yet to establish a presence in the state. This appeal focuses on supply chain dynamics, where factors such as emissions reduction, cost efficiency, and the incorporation of cutting-edge technology critically influence investment strategies.

Notably, the commercial vehicle sector emerges as a key contributor, with direct job creation exceeding 10 million, indicating great possibility for expansion. Furthermore, the summit discussed the importance of learning from global best practices in order to rethink the future of transportation, focusing on safer and more efficient system design.

Simultaneously, the Tamil Nadu Finance Conclave convened, facilitating discussions on regulatory frameworks and the evolving responsibilities of CFOs in the contemporary business landscape.

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