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Charging operating system EcoG | OS grows significantly faster in 2021 than the overall e-mobility market

The e-mobility startup EcoG has outperformed a rapidly growing market in 2021. The company, which specializes in operating systems for charging stations, achieved a market share of more than ten percent for DC fast charging stations in Europe. According to CharIN e.V., 29,000 CCS fast chargers have been set up in Europe by the end of 2021. The year before, that number was just under 13,000 (according to the European Alternative Fuels Observatory – EAFO). Consequently, in 2021, EcoG has supplied almost 10% of the CCS systems in Europe with controllers and the operating system EcoG | OS.

EcoG grew significantly faster than the overall market. Within two years of market entry, EcoG launched the EV charging operating system EcoG | OS and has taken a leading position in Europe. The system is used, among others in the DC fast charging stations Siemens – Sicharge D and i-charging – blueberry. In addition, EcoG | OS is active in the US and since 2021 also in India.

The high increase is due to the simple integration of EcoG | OS. Additionally, the starter kit gives customers the opportunity to develop prototypes for charging stations within a very short time. Since the operating system covers all core functions of the loading process, it is also very easy to develop your own software interfaces and integrate them into business processes with B2B apps.

This favors the market development of electromobility. It is a fact that Europe is not progressing fast enough in the development of charging stations particularly DC chargers. According to the World Energy Outlook 2021 of the International Energy Agency (IEA), around seven million quick charging points should be set up in Europe alone by 2030 to make charging easy for all EV drivers and to provide electricity anywhere and anytime. In order to achieve this goal, industry and politics must ensure that the number of DC chargers doubles every year.

A solution like the operating system EcoG | OS, consisting of easy-to-integrate hardware and software facilitates professionalization and scaling of DC charging stations. In return, the market demands can be matched for constantly increasing quantities and the technical interoperability of the manifold and diverse vehicle landscape and various systems.

“In the end, all e-car drivers will benefit. They will radically change the way they handle their cars in one essential point: the way in which they charge the energy they need to move forward,” explains Jörg Heuer, co-founder and CEO of EcoG. “Charging is not refueling 2.0. E-drivers will not only drive to a charging station when the battery is empty. Instead, they prefer to charge wherever and whenever there is a possibility to do so – and where they are regularly anyway: shopping malls, supermarkets, furniture stores and fitness studios, for example. This will also change how charging stations are built, set up and operated: we are moving away from isolated solutions towards seamlessly integrated infrastructure on a large scale. The focus is then on enabling the most convenient usage possible.”

“Now, it is the time to start the expansion.The market – both for electric cars and for charging infrastructure – is picking up speed after a phase of normal growth,” Heuer continued. “Anyone who prepares early for the exponential increase in electric mobility will also be able to benefit from it. A platform like EcoG | OS makes it easier to be part of this success.”

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