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Biden-Harris Administration issues guidance for Infrastructure Law’s EV Charging Funding

The Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) commends the Biden-Harris Administration for releasing its plans to direct $5 billion to the states through the new National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program, which was established by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. This funding will help states deploy electric vehicle charging infrastructure along the interstate highway system and other designated alternative fuel corridors. This afternoon, the Biden-Harris Administration will speak about the NEVI program and its other efforts to accelerate transportation electrification at the Department of Transportation Headquarters, and a representative from ZETA is attending.

Last month, ZETA submitted a public comment in response to the Federal Highway Administration’s Request For Information as it developed this NEVI formula program guidance. Additionally, ZETA met with senior officials in the U.S. Department of Transportation to share our priorities. 

“The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is the single largest investment to date in electrifying the United States’ transportation system, and the NEVI program is the largest piece of that pie” said Joe Britton, the Executive Director of ZETA. “We are eager to continue working with the Department of Transportation as it finalizes its regulations for the NEVI program in the coming months.”

“A century ago, America ushered in the modern automotive era; now America must lead the electric vehicle revolution,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg in a statement. 

“We are modernizing America’s national highway system for drivers in cities large and small, towns and rural communities, to take advantage of the benefits of driving electric,” said U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm in a statement. 

“Americans need to know that they can purchase an electric vehicle and find convenient charging stations when they are using Interstates and other major highways,” Deputy Federal Highway Administrator Stephanie Pollack said. “The new EV formula program will provide states with the resources they need to provide their residents with reliable access to an EV charging station as they travel.”

“EVs are among our most powerful tools for reducing pollution while creating new, good-paying American jobs as we rebuild our country’s infrastructure,” continued Britton. “This federally supported national EV charging network will inject billions of dollars into local economies across the country and make it easier for everyday Americans to drive EVs.”

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