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BikeWo launches its muti-brand EV dealership stores across multiple locations in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Hyderabad-headquartered BikeWo has announced the launch of its flagship multi-brand electric two-wheeler dealerships pan India, starting with Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. As a part of this, the company has appointed 25 dealers, and unveiled 15 dealership stores; their newly-opened dealership stores are located in Hyderabad, Kurnool, Gadwal, Rajamumdhry, Nellore and Tanuku. Among some of the renowned e-2W EV brands that BikeWo has partnered with for EV display and sales in its showrooms include Hayasa, EV Minda, One Moto, E-Motorad, Ekotejas and Battre, among others. Notably, in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, BikeWo is the only company that has acquired exclusive rights to sell the electric-2Ws of Hayasa and EV Minda.  

In addition, BikeWo has also simultaneously announced ambitious plans to scale-up its multi-brand dealership model in the months and years to come. By the end of the current year i.e. 2022, BikeWo plans to open at least 140 stores across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Thereafter, they plan to aggressively enter and expand to another 5-6 more states in 2023, while appointing another 500+ dealers by the same year-end. Whereas by 2026, BikeWo aims is to cross 2,000+ dealerships spread nationwide in over 20+ states.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vidhyasagar Reddy, Co-Founder, BikeWo said, “We at BikeWo are delighted and proud to launch our new dealership stores in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana; this is our first step in building a nationwide presence with BikeWo’s flagship stores. Through our dealerships’ expansion, Bikewo ultimately aspires to be the distribution arm for all EV brands in India to provide 360-degree solution to customers, which include choice of various brands and models under one roof, charging station, servicing infrastructure, accessories and spares, vehicle finance, warranty and insurance, etc. Traditionally in the past only one brand’s vehicles used to be sold by a showroom, but nowadays with the growing demand in EV 2 wheeler industry and with the presence of over 300+ OEMs in India, it has become almost impossible for all OEMs to have a profitable and scalable distribution network. Besides, today the customer is overwhelmed with the large number of options available on what to buy and which brand to buy. We at Bikewo will be attempting to fill these two needs and solve both these problems through our stores.”

BikeWo is working dedicatedly with the objective to pave a cleaner, greener and healthier environment by encouraging the use of EVs in India. The company’s newly-opened showrooms stand out as they feature multiple e-2W models from the country’s leading two-wheeler EV brands alongside offering customer-friendly package deals and buying, financing and insurance assistance to the consumers, and much more. Furthermore, at BikeWo’s dealership stores, a customer shall not only be able to choose from a range of low-cost and maintenance-free EVs to the most expensive e-bikes, but also get the best offers, get access to charging stations, servicing infrastructure, accessories and spare parts, and even get to live experience/test ride before investing in the model of their choice! To attract customers to their showrooms, BikeWo is planning to roll-out a plethora of aggressive ATL and BTL marketing campaigns in the near future. And in a bid to keep the customers engaged, they will be also launching an app. 

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