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BMW i Interaction EASE leverages Seeing Machines’ Technology

Seeing Machines, a provider of AI-powered driver monitoring system (DMS) technology, has collaborated with BMW Group to integrate its FOVIO driver monitoring technology into the BMW i Interaction EASE. This integration was featured at CES 2020.

The BMW i Interaction EASE leverages Seeing Machines’ technology as a component of their HMI (Human-Machine Interface) concept, visualized through a windshield projected Head-up Display (HUD).

Further, Seeing Machines’ SVP of Fleet and Human Factors, Dr Mike Lenné, demonstrated the company’s approach to driver monitoring technology through the lens of Human Factors Science, its role in developing Seeing Machines’ core technology and its ability to enhance safety and convenience features in cars.

Seeing Machines’ FOVIO driver monitoring technology uses advanced machine vision technology to precisely measure and analyze head pose, eyelid movements and eye gaze under a full spectrum of demanding lighting conditions, including through sunglasses. This data is processed to interpret driver attention state, focus, drowsiness and impairment levels to provide advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) with critical inputs in real time.

DMS technology is set to become standard in most modern passenger cars for improved driver and semi-automated driving safety given recent direction from the European New Car Assessment Program (NCAP), the European Commission and the National Transportation Safety Board, and in an effort to curb distracted and drowsy driving and improve safety for pedestrians and passengers alike.

Seeing Machines CEO Paul McGlonecommented, “BMW has continuously made passenger safety a priority. Seeing Machines is delighted to continue our partnership with the OEM as we drive improved safety across the industry with innovative driver monitoring technology.”Seeing Machines continues to grow as an automotive leader in DMS technology, having recently expanded partnerships with existing OEM customers.

Source: Press Release

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