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C2A Security accelerates company growth through geographic expansion to Germany and China

C2A Security, a leading provider of trusted automotive cybersecurity solutions, announces that the company is accelerating company growth through a geographic expansion to Germany and China. C2A Security’s automotive cybersecurity technology is set to empower two of the largest auto markets in the world, bringing visibility and control to protect connected vehicles across the vehicles’ entire lifecycle.

The inauguration of C2A Security’s China office marks the first step of expanding into the world’s fastest-growing automotive market. This strategic move will allow C2A Security to maximize the accessibility of their imperative technology to Chinese automotive manufacturers. C2A Security also opened an office in Germany, where the auto sector accounts for 20% of the total revenue in Germany. The new German office expands accessibility to the European markets.

C2A Security takes a holistic approach to cybersecurity that includes a comprehensive, multi-layered technology suite scalable enough for the entire vehicle lifecycle. C2A Security is the first company to enhance its embedded cybersecurity offering with transparency through its cybersecurity lifecycle management platform. This unique orchestration layer empowers OEMs and Tier 1s with full-spectrum visibility, control and protection that are needed to meet vehicles’ lifelong cybersecurity needs.

“C2A Security stands alone in its ability to provide cybersecurity solutions for key attack vectors, making it the sole provider of the most flexible, comprehensive and transparent cybersecurity solutions on the market. C2A Security’s expansion to China and Germany is filling the Chinese and European’s automotive markets’ need for a lasting, holistic solution to address cybersecurity challenges. We wish to empower the automotive industry with the tools and visibility needed to protect all connected vehicles,” says Michael Dick, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at C2A Security.

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