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CalAmp’s LoJack España connected car solutions enhance Bipi´s rental car subscriber service with maintenance and recovery services

CalAmp, a connected intelligence company helping businesses and people track, monitor and recover vital assets with real-time visibility and insights, announces its subsidiary, LoJack® España, has partnered with Bipi, an innovative car subscription service operating in Spain, Italy, and France. Bipi’s multi-brand car fleet is now equipped with LoJack España’s connected car solutions, enabling preventative fleet maintenance and stolen vehicle tracking to improve the car subscription experience for customers and allow Bipi to more effectively manage fleet operations.

In the event of a theft, LoJack España’s proven Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT) technology will assist with vehicle tracking and recovery in direct collaboration with local law enforcement, helping Bipi to mitigate potential capital and service revenue losses. That same edge computing technology enables preventative maintenance via the LoJack Connect platform. Data collected from the vehicles is aggregated to preserve customer privacy while helping Bipi improve fleet lifecycle management and maintain service quality for their car subscribers.

Bipi has delivered its innovative car subscription service to more than 10,000 customers in the last three years. For a monthly payment with no long-term commitments, subscribers can lease a vehicle from Bipi and choose the desired duration (from one to 36 months), mileage limit, make and model according to their needs. As part of their subscription, customers are provided with Bipi’s turnkey services, now including LoJack España’s connected car solutions.

“We are delighted to add LoJack España’s connected car solutions to our comprehensive services for Bipi customers. LoJack España’s experts in telematics and SVT technologies have been true partners in every way, collaborating with us to bring real value to our subscribers and greater efficiency to our fleet operations,” said Hans Christ, co-founder and CEO of Bipi. “We now have connected intelligence to secure our entire fleet. Whether driving on the streets of Madrid and Milan or the avenues of Paris, our customers can rest easy knowing that Bipi and LoJack España are ready to assist them when and wherever needed.”

“Bipi represents an emerging middle ground between short-term car rental and long-term leasing that meets today’s consumer expectations for maximum flexibility and freedom of choice. As automakers, dealers and drivers face vehicle shortages, Bipi offers a new path to mobility with high expectations for future growth,” said Maurizio Iperti, senior vice president of LoJack EMEA and managing director of LoJack Italia. “With our presence and network capabilities in Europe and the U.K., we are uniquely positioned to help Bipi manage its existing pan-European fleet and enable connectivity as its business scales in other operating regions across Europe.”

“We are delighted to partner with Bipi to drive constant innovation in its fleet and customer offering through our connected car technology. Together, we can offer Bipi subscribers not only flexibility, but also a safe and reliable rental experience, as evident in our successful deployments already in Spain, Italy and France,” added José Ignacio Rubio, country director of LoJack España. 

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