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Challenges for MSME due to Covid-19

Due to Covid-19 MSMEs in vehicle telematics industry are facing numerous challenges. Talking with Telematics Wire, Ashish Samant, Chief Executive at Zen Microsystems share his views on some of the concerns.

How has lockdown affected Zen Microsystems? 

COVID-19 lockdown has created a deep impact on our business, as all our work is field work, and we are unable to travel and visit customers for System Installation and Training. We have received and finalised few orders over the last two months and we expect more to come after lockdown, but we are unable to executive them. Even our foreign principals from UK, Germany & France are in lockdown.

What is the challenge in post Covid 19? 

The biggest challenge we will be facing is to get business. Few companies already postponed their purchase activities. Order execution will also be a challenge for us as we will not able to travel to the customer site for installation & training. Fortunately all are customers are conversant with our products and we can guide them over phone and do online hardware & software training.

The testing projects which we take up has been badly affected due to lockdown. Running of vehicles was not permissible and also safety security of riders & drivers was a concern.

What will be the impact on ADAS business? 

ADAS technology is just in the beginning phase and very new to Indian market. There are many companies in India who are developing partnerships with European companies, their projects may get delayed or cancelled. We are also desperately awaiting the demand of ADAS testing in India.

Do you foresee any change in R&D & testing of new products etc? 

Yes, there will be a change in the spending on R&D’s; as there will be limited capital budgeteer it. Spending on testing projects may be curtailed, but we are hopeful about the need for extensive testing of existing and new prototypes for the automakers.

Do you think policies can help automotive get back in driving seat? 

Yes, Govt have launched very big package for the MSME’s to become self-reliant. We are sure that this will help the auto ancillaries & OEM’s to grow fast. Coming back into the driver seat will take some time, but we are very confident about this.

Your views on new business opportunities. 

Companies may close their manufacturing in China and setup in India. If it happens, we will benefit in terms of trade, employment and technology.

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