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China leads the EV revolution with 1.8 million public charging stations

Date: June 23, 2023

China has emerged as the global leader in the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, boasting an impressive network of 1.8 million public charging stations throughout the country. China is doing much better than other countries when it comes to building the infrastructure for a switch to the electric-powered vehicle sector. Chinese authorities have already erected 1.76 million operational, publicly accessible electric vehicle chargers.

According to the most recent IEA data from Statista, China has already installed 1.76 million EV charging stations. China also has a decent share of fast-charging stations, with 760,000 charging stations out of a total of 760,000 having fast-charging capabilities. South Korea comes in second with 0.21 million (210,000) charging stations, however only 21,000 are suitable for fast charging.

The United States ranks third in the globe, with 128,000 publicly accessible charging stations. As a result, China has more than 14 times the number of electric charging stations as the United States. When it comes to population density of charging stations, China still exceeds the US, as the Chinese population is only little more than four times that of the US. Furthermore, only 28,000 of the 128,000 charging outlets in the United States have fast-charging. Western European countries and Japan round out the top ten list. The Netherlands and France are the next most populous countries, with 124,300 and 83,700 public charging stations, respectively. However, France has 9700 fast charging stations, while the Netherlands has 900.

This achievement is a result of China’s strategic planning and proactive policies to accelerate the growth of the EV industry. The Chinese government has implemented various initiatives to encourage the production and adoption of electric vehicles, such as generous subsidies, tax incentives, and stringent emission regulations. These measures have propelled China to become the world’s largest market for electric vehicles, fostering innovation and investment in the sector. Many countries have also introduced incentives such as subsidies in recent years to encourage users to transition to EVs. However, no other country appears to be better prepared than China to bring in the electric age.

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