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Connected Car technologies contributed to the reduction of accidents in the BALTIKA fleet by 55% in 2020

In 2020, the use of the Connected Car platform of the “Smart Driving Labs” (SDL) helped to reduce the number of accidents caused by drivers of the fleet of the Baltika Brewing Company (part of the Carlsberg Group) by 2.2 times. The fact that drivers began to drive more accurately than in 2019 when serious progress was noted, is evidenced by the scoring data and a decrease in the number of fines issued.  

In 2020, the number of accidents involving Baltika Brewery vehicles decreased by 55%. At the same time, the share of accidents caused by the company’s drivers decreased even more – by 2.2 times. The number of fines received also decreased – by 57%, and their amount-by 64%. That is, drivers not only violate traffic rules less often generally but also committed fewer serious ones.  

The statistics collected by Element telematics system confirm that the improvement in performance is not due to a reduction in the average mileage per car (decreased in 2020 by about 12%), but to more responsible driving. The penalty score calculated by the Element (the scoring system works on the basis of data on dangerous maneuvers and speeding) is reduced for the third year in a row. In 2019, Baltika drivers averaged 22 penalty points per 100 km of mileage, in 2020 this figure fell to 19.2, and since the beginning of this year, it has remained at 9.4. The most noticeable reduction in the number of speed violations in 2020 was the average number of Baltika drivers who committed 1.9 such violations per 100 km of mileage, while in 2019 this figure was 2.5.  

Element tracks the movement of corporate transport, driving safety, the time spent by drivers behind the wheel, fuel consumption and maintenance time. In addition, the system records and notifies the responsible employees of Baltika in real time about the accident and, if necessary, creates 3D reports on the accident. Such reports help to identify the culprit and can be used in cooperation with the insurance company.  

SDL and Baltika have been cooperating since 2019. In addition to the installation of telematics systems and the corresponding software, the Element system was integrated with Alcolock, which, starting from 2019, is standard equipment at all cars purchased by Baltika. The system allows you to remotely monitor the sobriety of employees. Before starting the engine, the driver must pass a breathalyzer test. If the concentration of ethyl alcohol vapor exceeds the norm, the system blocks the engine, the data is sent to the SDL server, and then is reported to Baltika.  

In 2020, the companies significantly expanded their cooperation. During the year, the number of Baltika cars connected to the SDL Connected Car platform increased by 58%, exceeding two thousand units.

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