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Connected car technology is a necessary and complementary development for all self-driving cars in the future: Russell Ure

Klashwerks, an engineering design and technology company focused on the emerging connected car market launched its’s flagship product, Raven. Telematics Wire got into coversation with Russell Ure, CEO and Cofounder of the company. Russell talks about the new product Raven and some aspects of connected cars in the conversation.

CEO, Co-founder KlashWerks
Russell Ure CEO, Co-founder KlashWerks

TW: Please tell us about your company Klashwerks

Russell: Klashwerks is an engineering design and technology company focused on the emerging connected car market. Our flagship product, Raven, is just the first of many products to come in our automotive consumer lineup based on the premise of safety and family first. Our company was founded in 2016 and we’re based out of Ottawa, Canada.

TW: What makes ‘Raven’ unique from the other products available in the market?

Russell: Raven’s main point of differentiation among other products in the automotive telematics and security spaces is how comprehensive it is and that it is always connected. It’s not merely a point solution — It integrates a number of important technologies into a single product, including a 4G LTE-based system, GPS that is Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-based, next-turn navigation and real-time road advice, road and weather condition information, fuel efficiency and driving pattern analysis, inside and outside video monitoring, 24/7 security monitoring, eye-level displays, and the ability to capture the video of interesting or scary moments and automatically download it to your smartphone for sharing over social media.

TW: Do you think connected cars are the natural next step in auto tech, not the autonomous car? If so, why?

Russell: Connected car technology is a necessary and complementary development for all self-driving cars in the future. However, it will take time for fully autonomous vehicles to be available for the average consumer, and in the meantime, work is beginning to connect vehicles via technology like Raven. This connectedness will not only allow drivers to become more connected to their vehicles, but also provide a path where all vehicles will be aware of each other – a key to enabling technology for self-driving automation.

TW: Would you like to explain the link between connected homes and cars and what made you switch from wireless home security system, Piper to Klashwerks?

Russell: In the past five years or so, I’ve been drawn to the Internet of Things and the idea that we can connect the things we care about. That idea initially spawned my company, Blacksumac, which created the award-winning Piper, the world’s first consumer self-monitored home security/smart home product. It was later acquired by Icontrol Networks. I’ve had a passion for cars since my childhood, so Klashwerks is a natural next venture. It combines my love of cars with my drive to connect the things we have around us. The connected car space is very hot right now, but is still in its infancy. Klashwerks taps into what consumers want and need in their cars without requiring a major overhaul of their vehicles.

TW: Automotive Cybersecurity remains a concern, how to deal with it?

Russell:  Companies should use best encryption practices and engage third-party security testers as the product is being developed. We take security of our customers very seriously at Klashwerks.

TW: What are your views on ownership of data?

Russell: Data gathering that is anonymized (in other words, information has no specific end user identifiable tags) can be very useful. For example, cities that are working to improve their infrastructure can put this data to use. Data sharing at that level usually is very helpful for society as a whole. Personal data should only be shared with the permission of the user.

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